Role of reviews in app store optimization


A number of content writers make their living out of writing product reviews. Have you ever wondered why these four to five sentences of reviews are so important? Well yes, people always ask the user of a product about its efficacy. This is the reason why people make content writers write good reviews of their products. App store optimization can be done using this technique as good review will have a good effect and a bad one will not only decrease the downloads but also waver user confidence. There are a number of methods by which you can get a good review.

Launch a quality app:-

Now you launch a quality app. This means that you will have to invest some money in getting an idea for n app that is the current need of the masses. Second is that you hire a great programmer who will write the code for your application without any loophole or flaw. People these days are not patients. They are used to getting things done in single clicks. So an application that hangs every time it is activated will call for more people to uninstall their application than installations. Invest in a good content writer who will write a catchy description for your app. The third thing is you should market it extremely well. A little investment in the beginning could gather profits for you in the long run.

Get your hands a little dirty:-

Well if you really want profits that bad then you can hire your own review writers and ask them to write good review of you app. People would be impressed with the fake reviews written and be deceived into buying the app. This way you can enhance your app store optimization. However the best and the long lasting ways are to work ethically. Unethical practices do not work in the long run.

Launch a complaint centre:-

Now launch a complain centre. People who are using your app and are facing difficulties should be able to provide feedback. On the basis of this feedback necessary changes should be made in the application. This feedback can be taken in the form of reviews or an email address should be given to the users so they can have access to the programmers of the application. Questionnaires can be provided to the users with a detail of the expected problems in the app. In this end this is not just app store optimization, it is a lot about establishing a relationship with the user.