Different Modes of Ricoh Theta S:

Do you want a Ricoh Theta S Camera for taking selfies? Or you are the person who wants the video every moment spent? Is the answer negative? Then, you must be amongst people who love to shoot and stream their videos live? Have I made it right this time? Great! In any of the case, Ricoh Theta S provides its users with all the three facilities mentioned above. Continue reading to discover all the three modes of the camera.


Taking pictures, the first and foremost use of the camera is efficiently handled by the device. It provides an HD picture to the uses. Additionally, the feature of 360-degree capture cannot be ignored at all. The pictures taken from the Theta S can be transferred to phone and shared easily with the other people. Another major characteristic of the pictures clicked through Theta S is you can take the picture of anything you can see from your eye. Thus, the range of the camera is not limited.


Video shooting can be the other use of the camera. Using a Theta S, you can make a video until 25 minutes. However, after that, the video will stop automatically and a new video will be started. The memory space provided in the camera allows the storage of 2-3 full-length videos very easily. 1920×1080 is the resolution of the videos, making the videos of HD quality. Same Quality of video can be attained even if the object is far away.

Live Streaming:

The unique feature offered by Theta S is the Live Steaming option provided to the users. Using this feature, the users of the camera can shoot the videos and upload them to let others see the video as well at the time when the video is being shot. In order to activate the live streaming mode in the Theta S, the user needs to push the power button along with the video or picture button and the live streaming mode will be activated. Enjoy this wonderful feature provided in Theta S by buying your camera now.

Theta S is a product of Ricoh, which provides three different modes in one camera. Firstly, it can click pictures for you as done by other cameras. Secondly, it can help you in making videos. Thirdly, the live streaming of the video is also an enabled feature in Ricoh Theta S.