If it is difficult for you to stand or sit easily and are suffering from mobility issues, then riser recliner chairs can be your best companion. Staying in bed all day can be depression. By getting a riser recliner, you can get rid of being dependent on someone. Riser recliners benefit you in two ways:

  • Help you sit and stand
  • The reclining feature gives you comfort and support while suffering from pain


Riser recliners, regardless of the brand and size work at the same principle- use the hand control or button to raise the chair. And similarly, press the button to slowly move back from a rising position to a reclining one. You can place your hands on the arm rest while the chair sets its position.

Many riser chairs also tip forward when rising, to aid you more in standing up. For elderly people who have difficulty controlling their motion, this feature could be a little stressful. Some of these chairs can be controlled to straighten up without tipping forward.

Reclining feature:

The best part about riser recliners is that they come with a dual feature. You get rising feature in a recliner. Reclining feature is good as it allows you to get rest your feet in an upward position and back in a linear position. You can try different angles till you are in comfortable position to perform activities like watching TV and reading books.

Recliner chairs are also useful for those who sit a lot as it can easily help you change positions.

Feet up:

The feet up feature in rise recliner is designed to give support to your full leg

Lie back:

While your legs rest, you can move the chair backward without disturbing your legs. Many recliners can go completely flat, turning itself into a mini bed. However, if you are suffering from a medical condition, it is recommended to not sleep in your chair for a long time.  Recliner beds are also being designed, your therapist can recommend you one.

Note: It is important to consult your therapist and doctors before investing in a riser recliner for medical purposes. Where some features are useful, some can trigger more pain in the body. Also when buying a recliner, ensure that you select a comfortable fabric range in recliner chairs, as leather may not provide you the support you are looking for.