This following are the facts about Bluetooth beacon technology

  • Beacon does not need the internet to be connected to

When beacons are in position, they behave like a lighthouse, which sends signals. They are not typically aware of any other devices that are present around them. They don’t connect to the internet or a Wi-Fi terminal; they just send out this low energy packets. Beacon platform like Eddystone which uses URL for transmitting to devices around, might create a mix up that since it uses URL, it will have to be connected to the internet for it to function. Although beacon very soon eventually will be linked to the web scores of them now do not need the internet access for its connection.

  • Does beacon steal data?

Whether a beacon technology steals information or not is a complicated question this is because must people had asked this question a lot of time. Beacons transmits signals like a light tower. When a beacon sends out a signal if any device present sees it within a location that okay, but if the devices do not see it, therefore, there is no chance for connection to take place. Platforms like a wifi heatmap software which transmits visible data information using heat maps might assume that it can be used to steal information from another device. When Beacon notices a familiar device it connects to before at any point in time, it sends a buzz to that device notifying that there is another beacon around that located that it was linked at a time. Bluetooth beacons technology takes privacy serious.

  • Beacons and its platforms are independent

Platforms like iBeacon are entirely different from the beacon. Why? Beacons is a visible device with an antenna and with a Bluetooth low energy that transmits data packets to another device. While iBeacon is a layout of that data packets, and various manufacturers can produce its different layout of the data packets.

  • Beacons can aid automated buying

Beacons can influence a customer willingness to buy more product.  Sellers can advertise a broad range of goods to its clients. You can tell that is products can get deliver to them instantly. With beacons, vendors can gain comparative advantage over its competitors when properly used. Customer’s loyalty and insight to the brand can be increased by understanding the product they will like to have.