So, I’m always looking for the best of anything. Since I decided to go back to school, after some time in the professional world, I had a refresh perspective. Not only did I want to be the best student in all of my classes, and get the best results for me to my classes, and be the most resourceful student I could come and scrape the best results out of each Professor that I have, and to select the best professors based on the research and feedbacks, but I also want to achieve as high as I possibly can, and I want to find the best tools to help me do that. Personally, I think that this is just a sign of my maturity compared to the younger people that I’m in school with, but I’m also just trying to get the most bang for my buck, and I’ve always kind of been like that. That’s why I didn’t go to university right away, cuz I have different priorities, and I realized that Student LifeĀ  was not in line with those priorities at the time. Now, however, I realize that I am doing a lot of good for my value by studying again. Anyway, one thing that has not changed through my phases of maturity is the fact that I still get very nervous about my final exams, and how they will impact my final grades. So, when I found a final grade calculator, I was really impressed with this. Don’t get me wrong, before I found this resource I was crunching the numbers in my head, but not a mathematician or a robot obviously, so I’m so prone to error when it comes to Mathematics. This website however it’s not. And with a minimum amount of energy you can get exactly the information you need in terms of figuring out how your final exam in any specific course is going to impact your grade in that course. Based on what your current grade is. It’s a simple algorithm, and easy equation, but I never would have thought of it, and this is a much more time efficient way of figuring out your answers.